3 Food Online Games Recommendation for Food Lovers

Food games are everything about food we can play in games. We can cut vegetables, cook the dishes, try new recipes, prepare the dishes to customers, or decorate the cakes. They usually take place in the kitchen and restaurant or cafe, prepare the dishes for customers. These are Free Online Games about food in plays.org that I recommend for food lovers. Food games  recommended we can play on mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

Free online games in plays.org

How are you, Guys?

Games and adults. Some people often say, why adults still love playing games. It’s for kids, right...

Hmm... for me, there are some reasons why I - as adult, still love playing some games, especially games that related to the food.


Playing Games is My “Me Time”

There are lots of ways for us to do “me time”. The easiest one for me is playing games. Especially nowadays, pandemic forces us to stay at home. So after working or doing many things, I spend my free time on playing games.

Not just when free time, while I’m in a queue or going by public transportation, I also can wait by playing games. Nothing to be bored while alone, if there are online games, LOL.


Learning about Concentration by Playing Games

I think most games need concentration if we wanna continue to higher levels. Even games for toddler.

For the games I love to play, usually about food and restaurants. Where the customers come to order food. Then we gotta make or serve food in detail, should be the same as they order. Not just should be right, but also fast. So it needs more concentration for not getting  mistakes, customers angry, then we can’t get money, LOL.


Games about Food I Love to Play

Free online games in plays.org

I love anything related to the food, include games, LOL. When I became private teacher, my student showed me about food games she had in her mobile phone. Then I kept some. Unfortunately, it made my mobile phone run so slow, LOL. So I erased them all. So sad...

Free online games in plays.org

Luckily, while searching what the best food games to play on mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, there are free online games about food I don’t have to download. I find them in  https://plays.org/


These are 3 free online games about food that become my favorite:

Alan’s Pizzeria: Pizza Restaurant Simulation Game

Free online games in plays.org

In this game, customers come to order pizza. We gotta see clearly about pizza they want. After giving dough and paste, sometimes they wanna cheese or not, then give the topping like they order. Put pizza dough into oven, before giving to customers. If we make different paste or topping like they want, they gonna get angry and go out. We can’t get money, LOL.


Make a Cake Game

Free online games in plays.org

This game is about bakery. Customers come one by one. See clearly what cake they wanna order, because there are some choices for topping that so similar. When all topping are ready, give cake to  customers, then we get money.


Casagrandes Mercado Myhem Game: Grocery Store Simulator

Free online games in plays.org

This game is not about the food, but supermarket sells food and drink too. When customers come, ask their grocery list. Click food and drinks they wanna buy. When already completed, give to customers. They gonna pay and take grocery bags.


Beside 3 above, there are lots of free online games about food in plays.org. If you don’t like playing free online games about food, there are lots of other categories too, like sport, health, and many more.


Play Games Wisely

Even we really like playing games and make us happy, but of course... Always play games wisely. Do it when all works already done. Cause sometimes we can forget about anything while playing games. Then suddenly we remember many works not finished yet.

Play games when we’re alone or do me time, not all the time where we can forget to communicate to family members. It’s also when we’re hanging out or meeting some people. Don’t just busy with our games.

Cause everything got the moment, also playing games...


Okay, that’s all about food online games that become my favorite, for you that maybe wanna find new free online games. Thanks a lot for coming...  

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