Beef Rendang of Indonesian Minangkabau Recipe

How to cook beef rendang Minang of West Sumatera, Indonesia.


How are you, all?

Rendang is spicy food made of beef, but we can also use chicken and some more. Then it is cooked with coconut milk, lots of spices, red chilies and some aromatic leaves. I wanna share the recipe of me…



1 kilo of beef

250 grams of baby potatoes

1.5 liters of coconut milk from 4 coconuts


2 tsp of salt

½ tsp of beef bouillon powder

250 grams of grind red chilies

1 stalk of lemongrass


10 lime leaves

1 turmeric leaf, cut into 3 pieces

3 tbsp of tamarind water


Grind until smooth:

100 grams of shallots

80 grams of garlic

35 grams of ginger

70 grams of galangal


Roast over low heat, then grind until smooth:

½ tsp of pepper

2 tsp of coriander

¼ nutmeg

½ tsp of cumin


4 cardamoms

3 star anise

6 cloves


How to cook:

Cut the beef into about 20 pieces. Don't cut it too small.

Mix the beef with all the spices, half the chilies, salt and beef bouillon powder. Marinate while we cook the coconut milk.

Turn on the stove over low heat, then pour in the coconut milk, half of the remaining chilies, and all the aromatic leaves. Stir frequently until it boils.

Cook the coconut milk for approximately 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

When it has been 1 hour, add beef. Stir occasionally until it starts to get oily.

When it has been 3 hours, add the baby potatoes.

When it gets more oily, stir it constantly until the coconut milk dries up like in the picture.

While almost done, add the tamarind water.


Use slow heat during cooking. Cook this rendang for around 4 - 5 hours, until the color is dark and the coconut milk is dry. Happy cooking. Thanks for coming.

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